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The Micrelec Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPT)

The Micrelec Outdoor Payment Terminals focus a 100% on safety, customer-friendliness and flexibility, at a minimum cost.

Micrelec developed its first outdoor payment terminal in 2001. Since then, the payment terminals where further developed and adapted to the new standards.
Today, the Micrelec payment terminals belong to the most performing ones on the market.

But what does this mean for you?

  1.  They are safe

In accordance with international security standards
The Micrelec outdoor terminals are equipped with payment modules supplied by Atos Worldine or CCV, that are suitable for integration. The devices coming from these highly recommended suppliers meet with all the current standards for safety and fraud prevention like EMV and PCI/DSS.
Go to our “Useful links” page for more info on these standards.

Safe housing guaranteed
The housing on the Micrelec payment terminals also contains several elements to prevent theft.

  • Robust material
  • Privacy shields that keep waiting customers from watching when the customer enters their pin codes
  • The Micrelec payment terminals are equipped with electronic locks.
    There are 3 ways to open them:
    • Using a pressure switch inside the station
    • Via an online instruction
    • By inserting a service card into the card reader.
  • Only for the BNA: Connection of the outside door to the station’s alarm system. The outside door thourgh wich you can access the compartment containing the safe, can be connected to the station’s alarm system. As soon as someone forces this door, the alarm will go off.

  2.  They are customer friendly

Logical and simple way of working
Your customer can carry out the entire process at the payment terminal (choose pump, read instructions for payment transaction, enter pin code, print ticket, etc.) on one and the same pin pad. So, the customer does not have to follow separate instructions for the pumps and instructions for the payment transaction on another screen. You are doing your customer a favour, since the last method often causes confusion and concern.

Accepts all possible methods of payment
To guarantee maximum accessibility for you customer, the payment terminals accept all payment cards, credit cards and fuel cards. It is also possible to provide contactless payments (RFID), or even cash payments if you have the payment terminal equipped with a BNA or bank note acceptor.

Smooth processing of the Micrelec BNA payment credits
When a customer has credit left after paying via the BNA, this credit is converted to a voucher that is printed after the transaction. The Micrelec BNA is equipped with a barcode reader. During the next refuelling, the customer can scan the barcode on this voucher via the integrated barcode reader.

  3.  They help you save money

Cheapest transaction processing
As integrator of payment systems, Micrelec offers to work with Atos Worldline and CCV for the processing of your customer’s payment transactions. This enables you to choose the cheapest provider for transaction processing. This will, among others, depend on the number of transactions that take place at your gas station. Thanks to the years of experience, Micrelec can advise you when making this choice.

Low energy consumption
A common issue with outdoor payment terminals of lower quality is caused by the ticket printer. In rainy weather, the paper in the ticket printer gets less firm and this increases the risk of paper jams. Usually, this is solved by heating the terminal up to a temperature of minimum 17° +/- 2°.

The Micrelec Outdoor Payment Terminal, however, is equipped with complete climate control. The temperature is only increased when a certain humidity limit has been exceeded. Good news, since this will basically lead to a decrease in consumption!

  4.  They have a maximum usability in all areas

Complete connectivity – complete independence
One of the biggest assets of the Micrelec technology, is its connectivity. The payment terminals can always by integrated with your existing systems. So, you fully depend on your pump supplier, for example.

Completely adjustable
Each Micrelec payment terminal is completely flexible: you can choose to have 1 terminal per pump or per pump island. You can have one payment pole equipped with a terminal on the front and one on the back. Moreover, you can adjust the Micrelec payment terminal that is already present to meet the needs of the changed situation on your gas station. 

International usability
The Micrelec payment terminals can be used internationally, anywhere in the world: Micrelec ensures multilingualism, and integration with the specific requirements and standards in the relevant countries.

Flexible access via service cards
The service cards allow you to grant technicians or product suppliers access to the Micrelec payment terminal without you having to be there. The service card has to be read via the terminal card reader. It allows you to open the terminal head, but also to enter certain print instructions like printing a index-and level ticket or a BNA closure.

The slim MPT-2, Micrelec's very latest payment terminal is equipped with an LED bar that allows for extra intuitive communication with the customer. More information can be found here.
Click here to know more about the Micrelec MPT-1, the outdoor payment terminal that can function as stand-alone or per pump island, as payment terminal or as terminal that can be mounted below the pump head. Do you wish to integrate a BNA or banknote reader into your payment terminal? Then also choose the MPT-1.
Do you want one payment terminal per pump, mounted below the pump head? Click here to open the Micrelec CRIND specs.