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The MPT-2 payment terminal: clever in every way!

Even if your gas station is equipped with a non-Micrelec site controller, you can connect the Micrelec MPT-2 payment terminal to it!
That way you'll be flexible, now and in the future!

Go for the Micrelec MPT-2 payment terminal for these reasons:

  • It is the most flexible on the market: it communicates with a 3rd party site controller as well as with a Micrelec site controller.
  • It meets the latest standards of the payment industry.
  • It is equipped with NFC (contactless payment).
  • It has the latest new pinpad generation (Davinci 3 from Worldline or OPP C60 from CCV).


Worldline Davinci3 pinpad

  • Weatherproof
  • High resolution colour display
  • Intuitive keyboard
  • Resistant to vandalism thanks to metal pinpad, card reader with shutter, specific design
  • PCI 5.x certificate
  • NFC contactless payment

CCV OPP C60 pinpad

  • High resolution colour display
  • Equipped with extra secure card reader with shutter, SCR-C60 NBS (secure card reader - new bezel with shutter)
  • Meets the requirements of the PCI-PTS 5.x specifications
  • Contactless payment function (NFC)
  • IP65 (International Protection rating) weatherproof

Extra large paper roll

  • The largest paper roll in the market: >410 m
  • Lasts 8x longer than a standard paper roll
  • Designed for ease of use i.e. paper roll replacement

Robust casing

  • Made off aluminium and steel

LED bar

  • Enables customer interaction
  • For example: green LED bar = in operation; red LED bar = problem