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EvoPOS has you covered

EvoPOS was developed in Britain in close consultation with a few fuel and convenience retailers.
This resulted in a modern POS software that definitely stands apart from the common POS systems on the market.

 Evo POS petrol artikel

Three substantial differences

The software was conceived specifically for the fuel and convenience retailer

You get a POS system that not only provides all commercial possibilities needed in a shop, but that also allows actions and reporting that are indispensable for fuel sales at the pump, like:

  • a prepay system
  • pump control
  • integrated management of fuels
  • the typical fuel closures in terms of litres, transactions, etc.

EvoPOS is future-oriented

The software was conceived so as to allow a really fast cycle of new software releases. Thanks to this, you will always be one of the first to be able to respond to the new trends in the retail, since you will get the necessary updates in a fraction of the time.

The app already includes modern features such as self-checkout and mobile readiness.

  • Self-checkout: customers scan their own purchases and pay for it without intervention of a cashier.
  • Mobile readiness: this means that the POS can run on non-traditional devices such as a tablet, for example.

EvoPOS is open and flexible

  • EvoPOS was built in modern open standards, which opens the door for an invaluable flexibility in terms of integration and in terms of necessary time to develop new applications.
  • It is a really ‘connected’ POS, with open APIs (application plug-ins) that allow unlimited communication with other software systems like other loyalty or marketing applications.
  • EvoPOS can run on any hardware that meets a few basic specifications.
  • EvoPOS can be delivered as on-site solution, or even as SaaS service or via the cloud.