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Micrelec at a glance 

Micrelec develops, installs and supports automation solutions for petrol stations and shops, such as site controllers, payment terminals and electronic gauging systems. We are also an integrator that offers innovative products in close cooperation with partners. Our customers can be found in the Benelux, but also internationally, such as in Portugal, the Czech Republic, Jordan, etc.


Our history

The very roots of Micrelec go way back to the 90ties, when Micrelec NV was known in the sector for its state-of-the-art technology for petrol stations. After a period during which the company operated under the wings of various multinationals, Micrelec spread its wings in the beginning of 2016 as an independent company. As before, Micrelec focuses on the petrol business / mobility sector, with a focus on diversification to new technologies such as EV-charging. The management-core of Micrelec consists entirely of members of the original Micrelec. Everything totaled they can bow on 200 years of experience!

Your partner

Micrelec is first and foremost a full-fledged PARTNER for his customers. This means that we complement the experience and knowledge that we have built up all these years with increasing service and involvement in your business.

Our offer is founded on the following basics:

  • knowledge and experience : the guaranty for the stability required for your and our business
  • Service: thanks to the daily investment of our people we can offer a high level of service. Our service relies on 4 pillars:
    • An accessible and effective help desk
    • High qualified support
    • Reliable and materially well-equipped technicians
    • Continuous training opportunities
  • Product development: within the current technological context, the importance of innovation doesn’t need any arguments. As in the early years, we want to constantly seek out new options to make your service stations perform better, more customer-oriented and more environmentally friendly.

Our solutions

Micrelec is one of the most experienced suppliers of high technology and flexible service programs in the E-mobility- and the forecourt retailing sector in the Benelux. We offer site controllers, payment systems, POS software and online monitoring, among others. Our service programs range from pure software contracts, and Single Point Of Contact agreements to full omnium contracts
Our high-performance solutions comprehend local installations on a single site as well as centralized applications for international companies or solutions in the cloud. They also can be used with non-Micrelec systems.
All Micrelec’s equipment, software and services can be tailored to your company's needs.

Expertise in combination with international partnerships

Thanks to many years of presence in your business, we know you very well: your installations, your interrogations with regard to the future, your daily worries get our daily attention. Expert in our specialization, we are your ideal partner.
As small Belgian enterprise, we also believe in the power of partnerships. On the one hand, these partnerships provide us greater flexibility in our product offerings, and in addition it gives us the opportunity to give our customers a service at international level.

Belgian and autonomous - short decision lines

Do you have a special project, a unusual question? How fast do you want an answer? Micrelec is at your disposal to look for solutions in a mutual dialogue. Thanks to our short decision-making lines we can provide you with a quick and clear answer. Our resulting flexibility is highly valued by our customers.

Dynamic and future oriented

Your environment is changing with dizzying speed. The choice for the right sustainable future-proof technologies is vital. Micrelec has all the capabilities and experience required to look into those new mindsets and technologies.
For example, Micrelec made it possible to fill up with your smartphone at Colruyt's DATS 24 stations, this way being the first in Belgium. Micrelec is also active in installing and servicing EV chargers. We provide cloud solutions and have started the development of a new IIoT platform.

Our customers

Our customers include: Avia, Dats 24, Kuwait Petroleum, Nissan, Octa+ and Total