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The Micrelec 9810 Site Controller

The 9810 Site Controller is a more evolved version of the 9700 Site Controller with new and powerful hardware, an improved user interface and SNMP support . This controller fits optimally in a 19” rack, which has been designed in close contact with you, our customer. The 9810 Site Controller is extremely reliable and flexible, and high performing.

9810 siecontroller


The 9810 site controller has an industrial 19" design, and is very easy to assemble.
It has a "special feature" which prevents the loss of transaction, configuration and status data when a hard disk fails. Significant memory is available for transaction and reporting information.

The default configuration of the 9810 Site Controller contains one interface card with support for up to four pump calculators that communicate with the same protocol. However, our flexible solution can be easily expanded. You can use up to eight interface cards in case of peripherals from multiple manufacturers.

The hardware sits in a strong metal casing, contains no moving parts, and therefore requires hardly any maintenance.


Forecourt Management System (FMS)
Module for remote real-time management of the piste. This software module gives direct access to the site controller via a simple "text based browser". For adjusting prices at the pump, sales reports, tank calibration (if there is level measurement installed), theoretical wetstock management, device management and configurations.

I/O module
For the 9810, an I/O module is available with 8 universal in- and outputs. This is mainly used for the detection of oil and water in the oil separator and for detecting leaks in the tanks. It gives notifications at an emergency stop and shows the status of the earth leakage switches.

Accurate Wetstock Management
The Wetstock Management module converts the measurements of the measuring system from centimeters to litres. By using this intelligence in the site controller, a relatively simple level system can be applied such as the Micrelec MT-1.
Discover here our tankgauging system MT-1.

Why are the Micrelec site controllers so reliable?

The current Micrelec site controllers share the same technological base as 2,000 site controllers already installed across Europe. They are the result of more than 20 years of technological and functional evolution and have proven their stability and reliability over the years.

How can I save money with the Micrelec solutions?

All Micrelec systems can be remotely analysed and controlled. With the router we can fix problems or download software and configurations. This means that in many cases our technician doesn’t have to intervene on site, which saves both time and money.

Technical data

  • 4u 19 "version, designed for installation in a 19" rack.
  • Dual Core Atom processor type N2800, 1GB RAM, 250 GB hard disc, passive refrigeration.
  • 2GB Fast memory for automatic backup of important data
  • Suitable for existing and old generation interface cards
  • 2x RS232, 1x RS485, 1x ethernet 10/100/1000Mb, 8x multipurpose I/O, 1x I2C extender
  • Windows embedded OS