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Petrol 24/7 monitors your station when you are not present

One of the main concerns in the management of an «unmanned station» is the regular monitoring of equipment and site. Many different problems can arise and paralyze the normal operation of the station. Think of, for example, a faulty pistol, a malfunctioning pump or payment terminal.

It is therefore paramount to deal with these problems as quickly as possible, and to get the station functioning normally again in the shortest possible time.

Petrol 24/7 wants to provide an answer to this.

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Petrol 24/7 is a SaaS (Software as a Service) Web application that is accessible via the cloud. It consists of several modules of which the Alarm Module is the most important one. Thanks to the Petrol 24/7 Alarm Module, you will be notified as soon as an irregularity or malfunction occurs on your station.

How does it work?


The electronic equipment on the petrol station continually communicates with the site controller and transmits what is happening on the premises. The messages that deal with the functioning of the devices are called "events". Examples of events are :

  • For the pumps: “nozzle not rehooked” or “connected to the site controller”;
  • For a payment terminal: “cardreader out of order” or “paper low”.


The Petrol 24/7 system then uses these events to generate alarms. After all, certain events are about unusual situations on the drive. The alarms are then sent to the individuals who are able to handle the problems. The alarms get a code for the level of severity and status, and remain visible until they are repaired or resolved.


The database keeps track of all the information. This means that it will be possible to follow the entire process even after the alarm has been handled or resolved.

Anywhere in the world

Thanks to the cloud, you can receive alerts wherever you are. It is enough to log in to the Internet and check the mailbox on incoming alarms. If there is no Internet connection available, the alarm message can also be sent via SMS. This way you always stay up-to-date!

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Respons tailored to the problem

The Alarm Module will react differently according to the problem that is being set. The database combines the collected events, to send then the alarms to the right people. These people can be employees or external persons who are able to solve the problem. This is possible because the database collects the data from all persons who are able (internally or externally) to resolve the alarm.

When a payment terminal is malfunctioning, an alarm can be sent to an engineer from the company that supplied the payment terminal.


The Alarm Control System offers a large number of possibilities and can be adapted to any organizational structure.

A fuel distributor who, in addition to unmanned locations, also owns one or more small or large supermarkets, can use the service to monitor all these sites. He will be warned in the same way as for his petrol stations, in case of problems in the supermarkets.


More data, excellent analyses

Thanks to the analysis of daily statistics, you will be able to continuously boost the performance of your petrol station at technical and commercial levels.

A filthy filter can cause a slower flow of the pump, but this will not be noticed as a critical problem by the alarm module. To get an indication of the existence of these kinds of recurring problems and of their severity, a simple comparison of the sales of the different pumps will be sufficient.

Promotions follow-up

The statistics module of Petrol 24/7 can also be used for the follow-up of promotions: the influence of a price drop will be immediately visible, for example.

Among the many other examples that demonstrate the importance of this module there is this last example: when the station owner is forced to close the station for a technical intervention, it is often difficult to decide what would be the best time for this. The statistics of Petrol 24/7 can give you the necessary information to decide.

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PETROL 24/7 as SAAS service : A lot of advantages!

A small monthly fee for a lot of service!  

  • The management and maintenance of the software will be taken out of your hands. The software you use through the cloud is always available in the latest version.
  • The software is accessible from any location and at any time, as it is hosted on a server.
  • You can get started right away
  • It is very affordable, as you pay only a small monthly fee for access to the service.
  • Tailored to your needs: you decide for yourself which module (s) you subscribe to, and only pay for these.