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The MPT-1 payment terminal: Reliable, flexible and functional

First of all, the MPT-1 stands out by its compact housing.

But the most progressive and worth mentioning are some cleverly sophisticated functionalities, such as

  • A thorough system for the refund of a credit at the BNA
  • Full climat control for no more obstructing tickets
  • Software that allows you to update the MPT-1 online


Stand alone In subsequent versions

  • Single or double sided
  • With or without banknote reader (BNA)

Extended Payment variants

  • Bank cards
  • Credit cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Fuel cards
  • Company cards
  • “Local” cards

You choose your payment service provider

The local bank cards disappear and are replaced by the banc cards with Maestro function. This creates new possibilities because you are no longer tied to the local payment service provider. As an integrator, Micrelec can offer you the possibility to choose either Atos Worldline or CCV as payment service provider.

Done with obstructing tickets

A much-seen failure on outdoor payment terminals in general is caused by the ticket printer.
Due to increased humidity by rainy weather, the paper of the ticket printer becomes less sturdy, and the chance of obstructions is increased.
The more moisty it is, the more problems one can expect.
Micrelec has therefore equipped the MPT-1 with full climate control, measuring both temperature and humidity.
The temperature will only be increased if a certain humidity limit is exceeded.
Good news, because in principle this will lead to a decrease in consumption!

All functional features at a glance

  • Housing in steel that is treated with KTL
  • Stainless Steel Tray
  • One or two pinpads with manual magnet and chip card reader
  • One or two thermal printers with paper cutter
  • One central processor board with Windows embedded OS
  • LAN TCP/IP connection capability with the site controller
  • Instruction Space 6 "in the Pin pad section (no touchscreen)
  • Complies with the Banksys and Interpay safety conditions (3 minutes burglary protection)
  • EMV compatible
  • CE approval
  • Operates over ADSL
  • Barcode reader for voucher (at BNA version)
  • Service cards
    • Index & level ticket
    • Totalisation of BNA transactions (if BNA is present)
    • Opening terminal
  • Climate control (no more standard heating)
  • Remote service
    • Reset pinpad
    • Reset ticketprinter
    • Alarms P24/7

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (mm): h x b x d
    • Basic single sided without BNA: 1387 x 376 x 546 / 806 (tray closed / tray open)
    • Basic single sided with BNA: 1387 x 376 x 546 / 1102 (tray and backdoor closed / tray and backdoor open)
    • Basic double sided without BNA: 1387 x 376 x 583 / 1223 (tray closed / tray open)
    • Basic double sided with BNA: 1387 x 376 x 583 / 1223 (tray and backdoor closed / tray and backdoor open)
  • Distribution Board
    • 24Vdc Switchable 12v/5v power supply according to PINpad type
    • Climate control
    • Emergency opening lock
  • Components:
    • Atos Davinci 3 or CCV OPP C60 pinpad
    • Zebra printer
    • Central Power supply Unit
  • Climat control
  • Cabling:
    • 1x Power cable (2+1) x 1,5mm²
    • CAT5 or CAT6 UTP Cable for data communication
    • 1x cable with at least 2x 0, 75mm ² for remote control of the lock


  • Banc note acceptor (BNA)
  • Barcode scanner
  • USB, WIFI and bluetooth support.