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The equipment of a petrol station with shop

Your choice for a petrol station with shop implies an extensive product range, many suppliers, an appropriate pricing policy and customer-oriented promotional tools such as for example customer cards.
In this context you will need besides the usual site controller and other typical service station equipment, also -and above all- a high performance POS and a powerful back office (BOS)

Click below to see the different Micrelec products available for the petrol station with shop.

The Micrelec POS and BOS: software and hardware for the POS and the backoffice. Designed for the gas station owner with the genes of a retailer. Find out more about the Micrelec POS and BOS software and hardware.

The Micrelec site controller: High performing and reliable, with proven service of over 20 years on petrol stations across Europe! Convince yourself, and check out the features that make our site controller so sought after.

The Micrelec outdoor payment terminals: In a petrol station with shop, the customer can easily pay with cash at the POS. However, the customer expects to also have the possibility to pay with all sorts of bank- or creditcards. After all, this is so much faster! Find out how the Micrelec payment systems are equipped to serve your customers optimally.

The Micrelec MT-1 tankgauging system:The perfect stock level is essential for your business. Micrelec guarantees you the most correct tank measurements. Read more about the Micrelec tank gauging system.

The Micrelec Petrol 24/7 alarm management system: Each system, each device has its hitches. A wrong manipulation of the consumer can also lead to disturbances, just think of an incorrectly hooked gun. Read here how to handle quickly and efficiently any possible malfunction on your service station.